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Everyones loves to have some drip on their body. The SJ giftcard is the best possible gift you can give to everyone! The gifted one can choose over a variety of jewelry products, and the giftcard can be used both online and in our shop! The giftcard can also be used on custom jewelry designs and on our instagram deals! Still looking for the perfect gift? No need to search any further, as the SJ giftcard is now availible!

How to use giftcard?

1. After you have bought the giftcard you will receive an email with your personal code. 

2. You can send this code to the one you want to gift. 

3. The code can be entered on our checkout-page. If you want to order in shop or through instagram send / show us your personal code. We will check your balance and we will deduct the amount on the giftcard from the total amount. 

Thats it! 

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