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14 carat gold plated and finished into perfection, that is what we like at Sehgal.

Sparkle Glasses by Sehgal Glasses. Luxury glasses to make your outfit complete! These glasses can be worn at every day basis, but also during special functions. Bless your drip, with the Sehgal glasses. 

Glasses designed by your own Jeweler, it just can’t get better! 25+ years of jewelry skills delved into the design of the Sehgal Glasses. We got various models, the millionaire glasses, the vip glasses, premium glasses, drippy diamond cut glasses, woodcut glasses, sparkle glasses and the rich glasses! Enough choice!

Who says luxury has to be expensive? Get your Sehgal Glasses now starting from €50,-! When the glasses come directly from the jeweler, you know the quality will be next level!

If thats not enough, we ensure you a 1-year Sehgal guarantee to prove the quality of the product! 


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