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Black and White Bead Pendan...

Presenting our unique Black and White Bead pendant - It serves as a Protector Against Evil Eyes. Featuring a striking black and white ball, elegantly set in 14 carat gold. This pendant is not just a statement piece of jewelry, but also a symbol of balance and protection. The contrasting black and white hues of the ball represent harmony and the duality of nature, believed to offer protection against negative energies and the evil eye. The 14 carat gold setting enhances the pendant's aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of sophistication. Ideal for those who value jewelry that combines stylish design with symbolic meaning, this black and white ball pendant is a perfect accessory for anyone seeking a blend of elegance and spiritual protection.


- Item: Black and White bead pendant

- Material: 14 Carat Gold

- Diameter: 15mm

- Stone: Black and White

- Finishing: Polished


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