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Introducing the definition of timepiece craftsmanship: the Sehgal Opulent Silver 925 Watch, made from the finest 925 sterling silver.

This masterpiece draws its unparalleled design inspiration from the timeless bestseller, the Cuban Link Collection. Seamlessly integrating the iconic Cuban link into its elegant band, the watch is crowned with a magnificent baguette case, setting a new standard in luxury wrist-wear.

Each gemstone adorning this exquisite timepiece is a testament to Sehgal's commitment to sustainability and unmatched quality. Hand-selected and meticulously set, the cubic zirconia stones sparkle with a brilliance that rivals traditional diamonds, while ensuring an eco-friendly footprint. This conscious choice reflects a staggering reduction in environmental impact, using 5,000 times less CO2 and 3,000 times less water per carat than mined diamonds. Embrace a watch that not only elevates your style but also your values.

Crafted from silver 925, known for its purity and durability, the Sehgal Signature Silver 925 Timepiece transcends the ordinary. It's a statement of sophistication and a nod to those who dare to stand out. While its composition boasts enduring allure, it is advised to preserve its luster by not wearing it during swimming or showering.

Elevate your ensemble with the opulence of Sehgal's silver masterpiece. Break free from the conventional and step into a world of unmatched elegance and luxury. Upgrade your collection with the Sehgal Signature Silver 925 Timepiece—a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and timeless style.

*This watch design has been patented to protect our efforts put into this watch: Patent Number: REG/MOD/90414


- Material: Silver 925

- Stones: Handset & Handpicked Top quality CZ stones 1-Pointers, Square cut stones, Baguette stones

   - We chose to put CZ stones instead of mined diamonds for environmental purposes, CZ stones use 5000 times less CO2 and 3000 times less water per carat than mined diamonds.  

- Waterproof: 3ATM (We don't recommend swimming / showering with this watch as it is made out of real silver 925, which can bend over time leading to water entering the watch) 

Size: We recommend taking a size which is 2cm more than your bracelet size. If you normally wear 19cm take 21cm of this watch. 

*This watch design has been patented to protect our efforts put into this watch: Patent Number: REG/MOD/90414

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